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~what’s the point in trying to stop loving someone? When you’re in love,

                                                    you can’t control your heart... your heart controls you.~

-:ś:-Guys are like stars, -:ś:-

((. ·*-there’s a ton of me'*`·.))

-:ś:-but only one can make your-:ś:-


.YoU CaN [ N E V E R ] LeT HiM gO.

_ /\_.·**·.,.·**·.

\     / Guys are like **STARS**.·**·

/.·*·.\.·**·.Even if there's a million,.·**·.  

,.·**·. Only one will makes your              

        **DREAMS**come true.·**·. 

         There will always be that one special boy, That no matter what he does to you,Or how much he hurts you,

                                                                           You can NeVeR let him go..



 .+*'``'*+.  Be CaReFuL  .+*'``'*+.

 .+*'``'*+.    WhAt YoU    .+*'``'*+.

 .+*'``'*+.     ChOoSe     .+*'``'*+.

 .+*'``'*+.  To Do In LiFe  .+*'``'*+.

 .+*'``'*+.     BeCaUsE     .+*'``'*+.

 .+*'``'*+.    SoMeOnE      .+*'``'*+.

 .+*'``'*+.      MaY Be     .+*'``'*+.

 .+*'``'*+.  FoLlOwInG In  .+*'``'*+.

 .+*'``'*+.      YoUr       .+*'``'*+.

 .+*'``'*+.    FoOtStEpS    .+*'``'*+.


* True love is when you c a n t *

* describe what you like about *hi m* * 

     .·:**:··People CHANGE.·:**:·.

    .·:**:·.Things go wrong.·:**:·.

     .·:**:·.Stuff happens.·:**:·.

     ·:**:·.But life goes ON.·:**


                                           iM LiviN eVerY moMenT Like iTs My LasT

                                                                        iM noT LeTTiN mY fuTure Be baSed oN mY pAsT

· .·))

((.· ..· :ś:-

-:ś: ((.·>*     In yOuR liFe yOu`LL meEt OnE guY uNliKe aNy OtHer..yOu caN taLk tO hiM aNd NeVeR eVeR GEt BoReD..

teLL hiM evErytHing aNd NeVeR eveR bE judGed..smiLe anD Get buTTeRfLies EveRytiMe yOu sEe hiS faCe..heaR hiS naMe oR His VoIcE..thiS peRson iS a..  beSt FrienD,*boyFrieNd*,aNd a truE LovE.


**..·`»*«`»*«`·. .**


·..·P*·..·O*·..·L*·..·S*·. .·K*·..·A*·..·


**..·`»*«`»*«`·. .**



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